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Vegan Sweet Box filled with different vegan gummy sweets
Vegan Gummy Sweets Box
Vegan Gummy Sweets Box

Vegan Gummy Sweets Box

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Mixed variety of randomly selected vegan gummy sweets.

Contents: 900g or 1.4kg of randomly chosen vegan gummy sweets that will tickle your taste buds. We aim to include every available gummy variety in our pre-mixed sweets so that you’ll get a try of every flavour. You'll find sweets such as Dracula teeth, Meerkats, Tongue Painters, Funky Fruits, Cherries and more. 

If you would like to choose your sweets please check out at our vegan pick and mix selection here!

For maximum taste our vegan sweets are best consumed within 4 months of purchase. 

Refer to our allergen and nutritional sheet here.

Please note that due to stock availability we cannot guarantee that all the products featured on the images will be present in our pre-mixed sweet boxes.