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Are Vegan Sweets Halal?

Here at Sweet Beans we only stock vegan sweets so you can feel reassured that you know what you get and can consume our delicious sweets without any hesitation. We often get asked whether all our vegan products are also halal. Therefore we want to answer a few common questions we get asked:

Are all vegan sweets halal?

No, not all vegan sweets are halal. The sweets might contain alcohol or use ingredients which have trace levels of alcohol. An example of this is vanilla extract which is sometimes used in sweets to enhance flavour. The extract contains 35% alcohol which could be considered haram (not in line with Islamic Law). 

Are all the products you stock halal?

None of the sweets we currently stock contain any vanilla extract. All our products are free of alcohol. It is however worth mentioning that the alcohol in our alcohol flavoured lollies evaporate during the cooking process and the final product therefore contains 0% alcohol. To some, this might not be considered halal.

How can I make sure that what I buy is halal?

We put great effort into consistently updating our product information so that you can enjoy our vegan sweets without worry. The products and their ingredients might however change in future and therefore we advise to always check the product descriptions, ingredients, dietary information and allergens before placing an order.