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Help Bunnies in Need 🐰

We've recently been contacted by a wonderful charity and were happy to donate some of our Easter goodies which have been put up for a raffle.  'Bunnies in Need' is a fundraising group which rescues bunnies and looks after them. They remove rabbits from inhabitable homes, get them treatment such as vaccinations and neutering and get them to rescues to be rehomed. They all volunteer their time to help these rabbits and often do raffles to raise money for vets bills. They completely rely on donations - so hop over to their facebook group if you want a chance to win some goodies and help out these adorable bunnies. You can check out their amazing work here.  Adorable little fluff ball   "There’s...

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Are Vegan Sweets Halal?

Here at Sweet Beans we only stock vegan sweets so you can feel reassured that you know what you get and can consume our delicious sweets without any hesitation. We often get asked whether all our vegan products are also halal. Therefore we want to answer a few common questions we get asked: Are all vegan sweets halal? No, not all vegan sweets are halal. The sweets might contain alcohol or use ingredients which have trace levels of alcohol. An example of this is vanilla extract which is sometimes used in sweets to enhance flavour. The extract contains 35% alcohol which could be considered haram (not in line with Islamic Law).  Are all the products you stock halal? None of...

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